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Everyone should be able to breathe easy at home. Air Purification systems and UV Air Purifiers, ventilators, whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers, tackle every indoor air issue from allergens to germs, bacteria and mould to keep indoor air quality fresh and clean.


Air Purifiers

Infinity® Series Air Purifier
This award-winning air purifier features Captures and Kills™ technology to tackle indoor air issues including allergens, bacteria, viruses and mould. A whole-house air-cleaner, it also re-purifies circulated indoor air up to 8 times an hour to keep it clean and fresh.

UV Air Purifiers
Ultraviolet lamps kill mould and bacteria organisms that can grow on the indoor coil of your heating and cooling system to improve both air quality and system performance.



Replace stale indoor air by bringing fresh air in without letting energy escape.

There are two types of ventilators that will quietly replace stale indoor air by bringing fresh air into your home while keeping valuable energy from escaping. Energy Recovery Ventilators and Heat recovery Ventilators both pre-condition the incoming air to better match the inside temperature. We can help you choose the right type for your home by identifying in which season stale air is an issue.



Now you can manage indoor humidity levels whether the problem is throughout the house or just some areas like the basement. Carrier ® Performance Series dehumidifiers are available in two sizes that can be configured with your HVAC system in a variety of ways or operate independently.